Apr 29, 2016


I took these pictures in the park next to the city library. Azaleas are in bloom this year a few weeks earlier than usual.



Apr 23, 2016

#10 Thankful: April 23

the homemade cookies Kaneko gave me last Sunday

crocheted flowers I've made this week


a kind of morning glory that Mr. H* has given us

beautiful days

 lovely flowers I found in our neighborhood while I was taking a walk
flowers they are growing in a small garden at the back of the church



Apr 16, 2016

#10 Thankful: April 16


 the Thunberg's meadowsweet I saw while taking a walk last Sunday

the homemade hanger that my aunt gave me
the book I borrowed from the city library,
which has the lyrics to chorales arranged by J. S. Bach
and their Japanese translation
the whole grain bread I baked on Monday
the spring stars in our garden
a corsage I've crocheted
another corsage I've crocheted
another crocheted corsage
(I'm being hooked on a new hobby.)
lovely snowdrops in our neighborhood
the weeping cherry tree in front of the city library is in full blossom

Apr 9, 2016

#10 Thankful : April 9

Cherry trees are in full blossom this week. (# 1)
photo by Y. T.
There was a potluck lunch at our church last Sunday. (# 2) It was the farewell party for the Rev. O*,
and at the same time, the welcome party for the Rev. W*. I'm thankful for the Rev. O* and his family, who have taught us so many valuable things. (# 3) I'm also thankful for the Rev. W*. (# 4) Though he is new to the church where I go to now, he used to be my pastor for more than fifteen years when I lived in another town. I hadn't expected to meet him again in this way.
Last Sunday, I played at least fifteen songs on the organ in the church. I served as the Sunday school organist for the first time in my life. (# 5) I also played three hymns for the farewell / welcome party.
It was sunny on Tuesday, and I took a walk along the river lined with cherry trees. (#6)
On my way home, I got some manju cake topped with a cherry blossom at a popular shop to celebrate the beautiful season. (# 7)
It was sunny on Wednesday, too. I went to the botanical center by bicycle. I saw some volunteers planting seedlings. (#8)
On the riverbank near my house, I saw some narcissi in bloom. (# 9)

I've finished my translation assignment, and sent it to the Japanese branch of Our Daily Bread Ministries. (#10)